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Necklaces, pendants, medals and chains for any occasion. Simple but elegant accessories on their own. Very easy to combine with other accessories or even with each other: from joining several chains at different heights to playing with the different collections and your favourite pieces. Find the style that suits you best and create your own looks!



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Anartxy necklaces, original and fashionable women's steel jewelry. Steel has always been a perfect complement to highlight the beauty of dress or outfit thanks for its position in-between your neck and face; these chains are great at brightening up how you look while also adding some flair by breaking with style sometimes through their color choices (or not), shapes & styles! Being able choose from many models gives each piece personality so they can be worn individually if desired but try them all together--you'll LOVE what happens

There are two key elements that distinguish a good product from an average one: the quality of materials used and design. And if you're looking for high-quality steel necklaces, we have what you need! All our online store's products have been crafted with premium raw metals to last over time while still being comfortable on your skin; all designs in this catalog come at different price points so there will always be something perfect no matter how much money is available.

Looking for a unique necklace? You'll find it here! With our wide variety of necklaces, you can choose from different lengths and styles. From simple to more elaborate designs with initials or names on metal plates - we have everything you want when buying women's jewellery online at great prices too boot so don't wait a second longer before choosing necklaces from what's now while they're in stock!!! Fashion necklaces, anartxy necklaces for women

Anartxy necklaces, original necklaces

Women's necklaces have always been a perfect accessory to enhance the beauty of a dress or an outfit. Thanks to their position, between the neck and the face, these steel necklaces are perfect to highlight and brighten the face but also to break with the dress or to take up elements, shapes and colours of earrings, rings and other accessories. 

Being able to choose from many models is a truly unmissable opportunity to increase the possibilities of your look with the women's necklaces that you like the most and with which you can quickly give a chic, elegant or even more original touch to your look. 

In addition, steel is a very resistant and durable quality material that is designed and processed in an infinite number of colours and shapes, just thinking about your needs and to help you always look beautiful in every occasion.

The best necklaces for all occasions

We have a wide variety of necklaces for you to choose from. Move freely in our catalogue and with a few clicks you will have in front of your eyes necklaces with links, long, medium, beaded and multi-layered necklaces, where different lines are joined in the same necklace.

You will surely find the necklace you need for a party, a wedding, a celebration or a special event. If, on the other hand, you are looking for women's necklaces in stainless steel to give as a gift, no problem. You can choose from necklaces with initials and full names, a nice, original and elegant gift that will surprise your loved ones.

Quality women's necklaces designed in Spain

When it comes to jewellery and costume jewellery, there are two key elements that distinguish a good product from a mediocre one: the quality of the materials used and the design. Well, if you are looking for quality steel necklaces for women, you are in the right place. 

In fact, all the necklaces that you can buy online here have been made with high quality raw materials, designed to last over time and respect your skin. 

In addition, each necklace is a unique and special piece, specially designed in Spain with the aim of surprising and innovating. In fact, in our catalogue you can buy many women's steel necklaces: with a more classic design and other more modern ones. You will always have the guarantee of choosing quality necklaces at the best price.

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