Astral Soul


Jewellery with a special meaning that gives voice to your inner self. 

The Boulevard


Take a stroll through a collection full of colour, shapes and volumes. The most urban fashion to combine, mix and match and express yourself with personality.



Unleash your rebellious side with the most daring collection.
Let these be the only chains you wear.

Sand Dust


Feel the breeze of the sea and the freedom of the mountains with our pieces that combine natural stones, pearls and other materials.



The most elegant jewellery for that special night out, that important meeting or simply because every excuse is a good one to wear your shiniest jewellery.

Astral Soul


Jewellery with a special meaning that gives voice to your inner self. Discover the mysteries hidden in the sky and stars with this collection.



The basics, the essentials, the ones you can't go wrong with every day and that go everywhere with you. Have fun combining these pieces to create your own looks. 

Our Jewels

Unforgettable jewels

Find the latest trends in fashion with our jewellery. Mediterranean design, shapes and colours for any occasion. 


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Customers reviews

Since 2009 in Anartxy we design jewellery that allows us to combine and create with different noble materials and offer you an original and elegant style at the same time. Fashionable and high-quality jewellery to show off your personal style at all times.

We want to accompany you on all your adventures. That is why we design a wide variety of pieces for your everyday life as well as for a more elegant occasion, a wedding or a party. We focus on colour and volume so you can choose the jewellery that best suits your personality and allows you to express yourself by combining different pieces.

We design all our pieces in Spain considering the latest trends so you can wear your favourite jewellery always in the latest fashion. Always with our personal touch and a Mediterranean spirit that reflect all anartxy pieces and make them unique.

Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets water resistant and made with the best materials. We carefully choose the materials that make up our jewellery, noble materials of excellent quality that guarantee the durability of the jewellery and maximum respect and comfort when in contact with your skin.

With just a few clicks we deliver your favourite pieces in less than 48 hours: link or bead bracelets, bangles, adjustable rings, steel necklaces with names, hoop earrings, ear cuffs, summer anklets and much more.

There are few things we love more than jewellery with bright colours, volume and personality. We are inspired by the freshness and spontaneity of the Mediterranean Sea to bring you new, durable and resistant designs.

Shades such as aquamarine, coral or beige help us to transmit that pleasant, fresh and fun spirit that characterizes us so much. Our pieces bring light and colour to all your outfits to shine with their own light at all times.

Every season we renew ourselves with new proposals and collections without ever losing our essence. Different designs but with colour, volume and the latest fashion always present.

We use steel as the main material in all our pieces, this noble and resistant material helps us to achieve high quality pieces and designs with exceptional shapes and volumes. From this base, we combine metal with a wide variety of materials, from natural stones to acrylics, pearls or resins. All kinds of textures and volumes so that you can choose what you most identify with.

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