Anartxy Packaging: A touch of elegance in every order

At Anartxy, we believe that beauty should not only be limited to the jewelry we create, but also the experience we provide from the moment you open the package. Our packaging is not just a box, it is not just a gift bag; It is a work of art that reflects the care and attention to detail we put into every piece of jewelry we produce.

Each Order, a Unique Piece

When you receive a package from Anartxy, you are immediately captivated by the ideality of our box. Each box is designed with precision and finished with a handcrafted touch. We use high quality materials that give it a pleasant feel and sophistication. The box and its packaging are more than just a container, you will want to keep and display them.

Protection and Care:

We believe that your jewelry deserves the best protection. That's why each piece of Anartxy jewelry is carefully stored in an individual felt case. The high-quality felt not only protects your jewelry from scratches and damage, but also adds a touch of softness and elegance when unwrapping your order.

Unique Aroma:

At Anartxy, we believe that a complete sensory experience is essential. That's why all our packages are scented with a unique and enveloping aroma. Every time you open an Anartxy box, you are greeted with a perfume that creates an exclusive Anartxy sensation. This unique scent is the finishing touch that makes your Anartxy experience truly special.


In addition to our attention to detail and quality, we also care about the environment. Our packaging is made from sustainable and recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to preserving the planet.

At Anartxy, we believe that every detail matters, from the creation of our jewelry to the packaging that accompanies it. We want every customer to feel special, pampered and valued when they choose Anartxy. Therefore, each order we send is more than a container; It is a promise of beauty, quality and attention to detail.

Discover the Anartxy difference today and let us surprise you with our packaging, which is a true reflection of our commitment to you, with the excellence and elegance you deserve.