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Elbrus braceletElbrus bracelet
Sale price€67,50
Pumori BraceletPumori Bracelet
Sale price€58,50
Makalu BraceletMakalu Bracelet
Sale price€46,50
Roraima BraceletRoraima Bracelet
Sale price€61,50
Ararat BraceletArarat Bracelet
Sale price€49,50
Triglav BraceletTriglav Bracelet
Sale price€36,00
Pulsera piedras BPU741 negroPulsera piedras BPU741 dorado
Sale price€39,00
Pulsera piedras BPU740 negroPulsera piedras BPU740
Sale price€31,50
Venice BraceletVenice Bracelet
Sale price€37,50
Almanzor BraceletAlmanzor Bracelet
Sale price€46,50
Galana BraceletPulsera tubular BPU679 mujer
Sale price€28,50
Bulmes BraceletBulmes Bracelet
Sale price€40,50
Mágina BraceletMágina Bracelet
Sale price€50,50
Iján BraceletIján Bracelet
Sale price€50,50
Hadar Braceletbrazalete acero quirúrgico circonitas color anartxy BPU684
Sale price€33,00
Valnera BraceletValnera Bracelet
Sale price€45,00

Our rigid bracelets (bangles) are designed to enhance and style all types of looks. Without a doubt, a safe option to wear on any occasion. Use them as a single accessory or combine them with other thin bracelets to create different looks. Explore the different styles and opt for an original and daring piece.