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Valley NecklaceValley Necklace
Sale price€14,90
Tanit Necklace BCO782 Tanit Necklace BCO782
Sale price€14,90
Sira necklaceSira necklace
Sale price€14,90
Marla NecklaceMarla Necklace
Sale price€14,90
Marilia NecklaceMarilia Necklace
Sale price€19,90
Mahogany NecklaceMahogany Necklace
Sale price€19,50
Long Mahogany NecklaceLong Mahogany Necklace
Sale price€30,00
Almond NecklaceAlmond Necklace
Sale price€19,50
Tamarind NecklaceTamarind Necklace
Sale price€19,50
Tamarind long necklaceTamarind long necklace
Sale price€30,00
Enamel link necklace BCO642Collar eslabones esmalte BCO642aa
Sale price€31,50
Charis NecklaceCharis Necklace
Sale price€19,50
Charlize NecklaceCharlize Necklace
Sale price€12,00
Clarise NecklaceClarise Necklace
Sale price€15,00
Save €4,80
Teide NecklaceCollar tricolor BCO598 mujer
Sale price€19,20 Regular price€24,00
Gael NecklaceCollar eslabones unisex BCO470 anartxy
Sale price€33,00
Save €9,75
Alamo NecklaceAlamo Necklace
Sale price€9,75 Regular price€19,50
Save €22,50
Edith necklacecollar eslabones dorados
Sale price€22,50 Regular price€45,00
Collar cadena BCO124 - AnartxyCollar cadena BCO124 - Anartxy
Sale price€12,00
Collar snake BCO031 - AnartxyCollar snake BCO031 - Anartxy
Sale price€13,50

Smooth chains, chains with links, chain necklaces, thick and maximalist chains, thin and delicate chains, long chains, short chains... Different colors, styles, sizes and thicknesses to find your perfect chain for every moment. Or combine them all together!