Tungsten rings

Anillos de tungsteno

tungsteno anartxy

Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, which is extracted from the mineral wolframite and its melting point is the highest of all metals. It is known as the precious metal of the future.

It is an ideal material for the manufacture of rings , which turn out to be super versatile, since in addition to their beauty they stand out for their great durability over time, their scratch resistance superior to that of titanium, for being stainless and unalterable with household chemicals. . They also do not contain cobalt and are 100% hypoallergenic.

Although jewelry continues to rely on classic materials such as gold or silver, tungsten rings have been strongly incorporated into the jewelry market due to their perfect combination of style, comfort, shine, durability and safety. .

It is a material that does not need special care or maintenance of any kind. Its brightness and hardness accompanies it throughout its life. That is why they are ideal rings for people with an active style and also to seal a commitment union, since the passage of time will not affect them.

tungsteno anartxy anillos


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