Druze and jewelry

Drusas y joyas

You will love it and surely after knowing it it will become your new addiction.

But what are drusen?

The word DRUSA refers to a rock cavity surface covered in tiny crystals , such as those found inside mineral geodes. In interior design they have been widely used as iconic details to decorate and you have surely been able to see them at some point. They are especially beautiful but until very recently they had not been given importance in the world of jewelry.

drusas anartxy

It is a material with a special charm. The multitude of tiny reflective crystals are reminiscent of snow or sugar. Its shine is striking and at the same time hypnotizing, which gives it a very attractive and sparkling appearance.

In recent years, druzy minerals have been making their way among gemstone cutters and jewelry designers, resulting in harmonious, modern and very interesting collections. Jewelry has gained points with the incorporation of these 'gems' that add freshness and color to all types of pieces, which has made them the trend of this season.

The most common druse is quartz, but there are many other minerals in this form with bright colors such as the hot pink of Cobalt-Calcite or the multicolor of Rainbow Pyrite. Quartz druse is very durable and that is why it is most commonly used in jewelry, and can be dyed in color and even covered with titanium to create iridescent finishes.

In any case, drusen are more fragile than a single, compact crystal of the same mineral. They are not delicate crystals, but due to their texture it is important to treat the pieces with care and try to clean them with a very soft brush and some neutral soap.

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