Perfect Guest: Tips to combine your jewelry with style

Invitada perfecta 2024

With the arrival of good weather, the summer wedding season is just around the corner, a perfect time to stand out and look spectacular as a guest.

Just like everyday fashion, guest fashion trends are constantly changing. This year, vibrant colors are in trend for daytime weddings. Choosing the ideal dress is only the first step to shine at any event; Pairing these bold hues with the right jewelry can make a big difference.

Our Ice collection offers the perfect accessories for any guest look. With a handcrafted brush finish, our pieces provide a sophisticated touch without leaving fingerprint marks, allowing you to enjoy the whole night without worries and maintaining an impeccable appearance. In addition, the polygonal shapes are designed to add harmonious movement to your accessories with each step or dance. The pieces, in addition to being impressive, are light , ensuring that you feel as good as you look.


Guest - Choral
The coral color is one of the most notable trends for guests this year, thanks to its warmth and vibrant energy. This cheerful and sophisticated tone can be further enhanced with gold jewelry, which balances the color and adds a touch of luxury and elegance.

If you opt for asymmetrical dresses, our Belgrade set is an excellent choice, since the length of the pieces visually balances the uneven neckline, creating harmony in the whole.


Guest - Yellow
This year, yellow stands out this season for its vitality and the luminosity it brings to the skin. This cheerful hue can be further enhanced with gold jewelry, which balances its color and adds a touch of elegance.

If you prefer strapless dresses, our Chisinau ensemble is the perfect option for you. The elegant simplicity of these pieces with geometric shapes perfectly complements the strapless neckline, providing visual balance and enhancing the beauty of yellow.

Navy blue

Guest - Navy Blue
For the most classic ones, navy blue continues to be one of the most elegant choices for guests. This tone is suitable for people who wear silver jewelry, since these complement the color perfectly.

Regarding the cut of the dress, if you prefer the crossed neckline with this color, the Tirana set is the perfect match.

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