Always look ideal! The best pendant for every neckline shape

¡Luce siempre ideal! El mejor colgante para cada forma de escote

Did you know that the right necklace can make your neckline stand out even more?

Necklaces are a wonderful way to express your personal style and add a special touch to your looks. Whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or simply want to enhance your everyday style, choosing the right necklace can make all the difference in your overall appearance. Each neckline shape has its own charm and personality, and finding the necklace that best suits each one can help elevate your look to the next level.

In this article, we will discover which is the best type of necklace depending on the neckline shape you choose.


Dare to look spectacular on any occasion!

1. V neckline:

 The V neckline is a classic and flattering choice that creates a visual line that lengthens and stylizes the neck. To complement this type of neckline, we recommend opting for "Y" shaped pendants or necklaces. This type of jewel follows the line of the neckline, creating a natural harmony and adding a touch of elegance. If you're looking for something more subtle, a small pendant necklace can also be a great option.



2. Round Neckline:


The round neckline is versatile and can be adapted to various occasions. For this type of neckline, short necklaces or so-called "princess necklaces" that sit just below the collarbone are the best choice. Choker necklaces are also ideal for enhancing the round neckline and adding a touch of elegance. Opt for necklaces that add dimension to your look without overwhelming the neckline.


3. Bardot or Word of Honor Neckline (Bare Shoulders):


Strapless necklines highlight the shoulders and neck, creating a sophisticated and romantic look. For this neckline style, opt for neck-hugging necklaces, such as chokers or turtleneck style necklaces. These necklaces will frame your shoulders and accentuate the beauty of your neckline without distracting from exposed skin.


4. Asymmetrical Neckline:

The asymmetrical neckline is bold and modern, and deserves an equally statement necklace. For this unique style, short, statement necklaces, with unique details, are perfect to complement your look. Look for necklaces that follow the direction of asymmetry and add a touch of sophistication without overshadowing the neckline itself.




5. Boat neckline:

The bateau neckline is wide and extends towards the shoulders, enhancing femininity and elegance. For this type of neckline, long necklaces are ideal, as they help balance the width of the neckline and add a touch of verticality. Y-type necklaces are also an excellent option, since they follow the line of the neckline and provide a stylized touch.



Ultimately, choosing the right necklace for each neckline shape is about balance and harmony. Consider the overall style of your outfit, the occasion, and your own fashion sense when making your decision. Experiment with different styles and discover how the right necklace can enhance your natural beauty and complete your look with elegance. Remember that the key is to feel comfortable and confident with your choice, so you can shine with confidence on any occasion!

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