New In! Multi Charm and Stone and Shell Collections

New In! Colecciones Multi Charm y Stone & Shell

Jewelry is one of the most desired accessories, capable of radically changing a look with small touches of color, which this year are undoubtedly black, white and turquoise, with a marine inspiration.

This is what happens with the new features in our Multi Charm and Stone & Shell collections . They are light pieces but with a great load of personality that combine tropical and summery looking materials.

The new MULTICHARM comes in the form of necklaces, double-strand bracelets with small geometric motifs. Simple and refined lines where golden elements are interspersed with silicone beads. It is ideal to combine with white beach-style dresses and shirts, with denim fabrics or color-blocked garments.

geometric fan

STONE & SHELL continues to opt for the combination of gold with engraved stones in the form of necklaces, bracelets and articulated hoop earrings. The golden star on the stone is the most representative element, providing a super summery bohemian touch... Light dresses and relaxed bohemian-style sets combine perfectly with the collection.

Mediterranean star Are you up for summer?

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