Our successful participation in the 2023 Jewelry Fairs

Nuestra exitosa participación en las Ferias de Bisutería 2023

We want to take you behind the scenes and share with you what happened on these exciting occasions. It has been a very eventful and grateful September at Anartxy.

Madrid: Where Elegance meets Style. Bisutex September 13-17.


At Ifema, the internationally renowned event center, the Bisutex event is held in the vibrant Spanish capital, Madrid, our pieces from the Essentials collection stood out with their own light. These jewels, with their classic and versatile style, became the perfect complement to any look, adapting perfectly to the personal style of each of our visitors. The fusion of the distinction of our jewelry with the sophistication of Madrid created a special environment where style shone brightly.

Bisutex 2023 Anartxy

Paris: Inspiration in Simplicity and Elegance. Bijorhca September 2-4.


The Bijohrca fair in Paris was held in an original way at the prestigious Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles venue. Our Geometry collection finds its inspiration in the very essence of Paris: a city that captivates with its simplicity and appeal, but at the same time reveals undeniable complexity and elegance. Like Parisian sophistication, our Geometry pieces are simple and attractive at first glance, but reveal elegant and sophisticated beauty in every detail.


Milan: Avant-garde and Originality in Jewelry. Homi Fashion & Jewels. September 15-18.

The doors of Fiera Milano opened to give way to the long-awaited Costume Jewelry fair in the city of Milan, known for its leadership in fashion and avant-garde, our Zirconia collection was received with enthusiasm. These jewels, made by combining a base of steel and zirconia, achieved a perfect balance between color and shine. Fair attendees did not hesitate to describe our designs as avant-garde and original, which aligns perfectly with Milan's reputation as a center of fashion innovation.

Homi - anartxy 2023

In short, all our collections treasure our essence of classic, but we always strive to add touches of modernity without compromising our unique identity. At these fairs, we have had the pleasure of sharing our passion for quality jewelry with professionals in the sector and fashion lovers from all over the world.

If you are a professional in the sector and want to sell our brand in your store(s), do not hesitate to contact us. Do you want to sell Anartxy in your store?

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