Trends 2015

Tendencias 2015


They are the star jewel of the season. Rigid and more or less thick bracelets are moving up the ranks. They are worn in layers, that is, several on the same wrist, whether they are identical bracelets or different colors, shapes or finishes. The effect is surprising.


Large links take center stage, and not only for bracelets and necklaces, link earrings and rings set the trend. You can wear them in plain or combined colors, but always big and powerful, attracting attention.

Details and materials

This season, value is given to detail. A piece may be simple, but it will not go unnoticed if we look at the details. From a small stone, a pearl or an engraving, beauty is in the details.

We must highlight the emergence of materials such as ceramics, tortoiseshell, shell and enamels.

Pink gold

It is the star color of the season. It has always been there but now it stands out more strongly, especially on tanned skin.


It's the fashion. Wearing a ring or two on one hand has gone down in history, now the fingers are filled with overlapping rings combining different styles and colors.

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