Anartxy: 316 steel jewelry

Anartxy: Joyas de acero 316

316 steel, also called “surgical steel”, is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its hygienic and anti-allergic properties.

It has great resistance to corrosion, which is why this alloy is sometimes called “marine grade” steel since its use is suitable in environments near the sea that are very aggressive with other types of materials. These pieces of jewelry are perfectly compatible anywhere, be it the beach or the pool, as the steel can get wet without the risk of deterioration.


Jewelry made of 316 steel is much more affordable and economical than jewelry made with other metals such as gold or silver, and it also requires almost no maintenance, lasting much longer over time. They are functional and reliable jewelry, designed for everyday use.

It is a very malleable material, so it is very easy to work with more complex designs, and this allows the creation of magnificent pieces ideal for any occasion.

At anartxy , the steel pieces, bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings adapt to the trends of the moment and are designed with a casual but elegant style that fits with personality at any age.


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