Anartxy, make a difference with design

Anartxy, marca la diferencia con diseño

The jewelry is committed to high-quality pieces, following the latest trends and at an affordable price.


Jewelry is a way to express your personality . Through these accessories, people can convey a state of mind or their way of being, while gaining self-confidence.

In order to offer each person the piece that best suits their style, Anartxy has nearly 900 new designs each season , which make up a diverse and unpredictable proposal. These are creations for lovers of trends and who value good "know-how" . Design of accessories with personality: eclectic, unique and surprising, which walk hand in hand with trends.

Anartxy was born in 2009 as an enterprising Valencian firm with a special essence that instantly seduces . A young couple decided to start this project with the desire to break the rules of traditional jewelry, create a difference and return happiness to the path.

Anartxy's philosophy is based on freedom and its goal is to find the perfect designs for each person's style, because we all deserve to wear unique jewelry. To achieve this, each year they launch approximately 16 new collections , led by their great team of staff, made up of people of up to 15 different nationalities. Today, they are present in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Scotland, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Anartxy has participated in Bijorhca, the International Professional Jewelry Fair, held in Paris in January 2020 , and has had the support of ICEX, as well as the co-financing of European FEDER Funds, having contributed to the growth according to their extent. economic of this company, its region and of Spain as a whole.

Quality at an affordable price


Each collection is unique and gives Anartxy the label of icon of elegance and good taste , taking as inspiration the different cultures of the world. Its Mediterranean-inspired collections are based on marine tones that provide light and color to each design , reflecting the waters of the summer sea and the citrus freshness that characterizes the city of Valencia.

Anartxy's idea is that quality is possible at affordable prices , in order to allow anyone to wear the best jewelry. In order to take care of all the details in its new designs, the jewelry company uses new technologies to achieve the best possible finish, perfected laser cuts and equitable engravings for each piece.

València is the headquarters of Anartxy and is home to the jeweler's two stores , in Plaza Lope de Vega and Paseo de Ruzafa. These are two spaces created to enjoy a relaxed shopping experience , try on the brand's new pieces and play with trends.

On the other hand, Anartxy is actively studying the change towards ecological packaging, aware of sustainability. Thus, in a short time they will launch a project in collaboration with the non-profit Asindown Association.

Finally, for this Valentine's Day, at Anartxy they want to surprise you with a great diversity of collections, prioritizing the comfort and self-confidence of each person, and with the hope that they can be whoever they want at all times.

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