Anartxy earring closures

Cierres de pendientes anartxy

Earrings are the oldest pieces of jewelry and the most worn by women around the world . So much so that in many countries, mothers pierce the ears of their newborn daughters so that they can wear small earrings.

The designs are infinite, we can find large ones, small earrings, colorful earrings , sober earrings, sophisticated earrings, hoop earrings, long earrings, button earrings... There is no other accessory that brings so much light to the face and brightens the look. But just as important as the earring itself is its type of closure . The closures must be secure, to prevent us from losing the earring, and at the same time comfortable.

There are different types of closures , some widely used today and others reserved only for pieces that have more weight or value.



But, without a doubt, the most used closure on most earrings and also on anartxy, is the PRESSURE CLOSURE .

They are very easy to place, they are very comfortable and they hold the earring perfectly to the ear, adjusting to it. The most used is the butterfly one, which, as it has a small groove, fits perfectly on the bolt or stick and does not slip.

At anartxy we have two designs of snap closures:

  • The first resembles the usual butterfly-type closures, but a washer has been added as a flat base to strengthen the closure, prevent it from opening and also allows us to create more pressure on the ear when we wear large or heavy earrings, freeing us from that it is left off the hook. It is a robust but light closure and very comfortable to wear.



  • The second is a much smaller, silicone-coated closure. It is the one used in small button-type earrings, which must fit very close to the ear. The silicone allows the closure to always remain fixed and also prevents possible allergies, since the metal does not directly touch the skin.


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