Weddings: jewelry for guests

Bodas: joyas para invitadas

Just as important as the choice of dress you will wear is the choice of accessories. T he jewelry is the finishing touch to every good self-respecting guest outfit. They must be rhythmic and in harmony with the dress and the rest of the accessories.

Although the choice will depend largely on the type of ceremony that is going to be celebrated, we must focus on the style of each person and not try to innovate or wear something that we do not like or does not flatter us just because it is fashionable. And above all it's about not upstaging the bride.

It is recommended to focus attention on a single piece , generally showy earrings that give a lot of light to the face or a sophisticated bracelet.

joyas invitadas anartxy

Another option is to play with a complete set of simpler pieces (earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring).

In any case, if your dress is simple, you can play with baroque or colorful pieces that will add joy to the outfit. If your look is something more striking and ornate, choose simple options such as short and discreet earrings.

joyas invitadas anartxy

joyas invitadas anartxy

And when in doubt, always remember that less is more.

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