Classic Blue Tortoise Collection

Classic Blue & Tortoise Collection

It is a timeless blue that stands out for its simplicity and elegance. Pantone has spoken: it is a blue that “instills calm, confidence and connection.” It is a comforting and at the same time suggestive tone, a 'calm' color. Perfect to match the vibrant colors of summer.

Therefore, we must prepare, because Classic Blue is going to be the base color for next spring, the trend color on the catwalks, the protagonist of the summer... It is perfect because it allows for countless combinations.

But the winning combination when it comes to jewelry is gold, preferably combined with other types of blue or yellow.

Our contribution to the color of the year comes from the new Tortoise collection by anartxy. Elegant, sophisticated pieces but at the same time simple, serene and with a lot of personality.

Are you up for Classic Blue? We already have done.

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