Eiffel pendant

Colgante Eiffel

And if there is something that identifies it and is known throughout the world, it is a famous Eiffel Tower, which further accentuates the beauty of this great city. Since 2000 it has been decked out in gold when night falls , twinkling for a few minutes.

Paris, the city of love , that's what they call it. It is the perfect place to get lost in its streets, forget about time and enjoy its monuments... it is the ideal showcase for a getaway as a couple.

eiffel 2

We wanted to pay tribute to this great work, with the Eiffel pendant . Made of steel and zircons, a symbol of love.

anartxy also has a wide range of fun, simple and quality pendants that express the concerns of today's women but without giving up that romantic touch of Paris that inspires us .


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