Letizia's stars

Las estrellas de Letizia

Her looks are simple and modern, without excess, and that includes jewelry. Unless they are very important state events, in which she usually wears antique jewelry such as tiaras, chokers or bracelets, she generally only wears small, simple earrings attached to her earlobe.

Her favorite earrings seem to be star-shaped ones, silver and with rhinestones . They are delicate and not at all flashy pieces but they manage to illuminate the queen's face, and that is why she wears them at almost all types of events.

letizia 2

On other occasions we have seen it with other pieces, which like its stars, apparently simple, reinforce its way of being and its freshness . They manage to enhance everything from the simplest daytime outfits to the most sophisticated ones at night.

If what you are looking for is a Queen Letizia look, anartxy can help, with its wide variety of small, simple, shiny earrings... and of course, star-shaped.

pendientes letizia

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