Steel, a noble material

El acero, un material noble

Steel is another of the most used materials in jewelry due to its high resistance, shine and durability, but it is not an element that can be extracted directly from nature, it is an alloy created by man , and therefore designed so that it meets the most demanding requirements whatever its use.

Steel is an alloy of iron with a variable amount of carbon depending on its grade. Steel retains the metallic characteristics of iron in its pure state but significantly improves its physical-chemical properties. Stainless steel is achieved by introducing a minimum of chromium to the alloy.


As we already mentioned in the blog post “ 316 Steel Jewelry ”, the most popular stainless steel in jewelry is type 316 or “marine grade” due to its high resistance in environments close to the sea or very humid, and for its characteristics. anti-allergy.

At anartxy , as always, we work with the highest quality 316 steel, with current designs that follow the trends of the moment but without losing that classic point that makes its pieces last over time.

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