Bracelets and bracelets

Pulseras y pulseras

These are some tips on the types of bracelets on the market and how to combine them with each other or with other accessories.

1. Rigid bracelets or bangles, whether thin or wide, tend to slim the wrist. They are ideal for sleeveless looks or for very fitted sleeves such as stretch knit ones. Combining several bracelets of different finishes and sizes is the trend this fall-winter.

2. Thin chain-type bracelets are ideal for dresses and mid-length sleeves. They look great if combined with a metal watch. The combination between gold and rose gold is very popular. They can also be combined with a rigid but very thin bracelet.

3. When the bracelets are very baroque, with many motifs or colors , it is best to combine them with simple and discreet clothing. They should never be worn with large, bulky necklaces, although you can with some striking earrings.


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