Combining gold and silver

Combinando dorado y plateado

One of the great taboos in fashion, until a few years ago, was to mix silver and gold (clothing, makeup or jewelry) in the same look. But this already outdated imposition puts limits on creativity. Current trends allow, and we would say, almost force us to mix and match to create looks adapted to all types of situations (always trying not to go overboard).

To combine silver and gold with style, we suggest always doing it in the same category of pieces , that is, wearing several chain necklaces in gold and silver or the same with rings and bracelets, which is now the most chic.

Another way is to wear pieces already designed in these two colors and combine them with another piece in gold or silver.

It is not advisable to wear a gold necklace and silver earrings, for example. It is better to always combine colors in the same accessory category.

And let's not forget rose gold . For the warmer seasons it is the perfect color, as it enhances the beauty of tanned skin. We can combine it with gold to create very summery outfits.

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