Combine rings and nail color

Combinar anillos y color de uñas

Rings are the star accessory during winter. Necklaces and bracelets go more unnoticed due to the use of long-sleeved and high-necked garments, but rings highlight all their splendor, giving light to the hands.

A good manicure also beautifies your hands. Well-manicured and well-varnished nails, along with rings, are the perfect combination to show off spectacular hands. If we want to show off hands of 10, the ideal is for the color of the ring's metal to combine perfectly with the nail polish. These are the fashion combinations for this winter 2015/2016 season:

Gold rings: Red never goes out of style and also looks perfect with gold, but if what you want is a more avant-garde effect, try black enamel. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Rose gold rings: Dark garnet, burgundy or wine-colored enamels highlight the rose gold and make it shine brighter.

Silver rings: bluish tones in their entire range fit “like a glove”. Now they can be worn a little darker than in summer but they are extremely trendy.

And take note, the French manicure goes with all rings!

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