Male bracelets

Pulseras masculinas

This year, the male accessory that takes on the most prominence is the bracelet .

It is an accessory that is no longer exclusive to women and has become almost essential in men's looks. Nowadays we can see a wide variety of men's accessories in any store and bracelets always stand out among them.

You can wear a single bracelet or several on each hand, combining different styles or materials . Smooth, braided, steel, leather, black, brown, silver, gold, thin or thick... they are trendy but they also add personality to the wearer.

They can give a lot of play when it comes to dressing, even in the most formal outfits. You just have to see how well a blazer and a masculine bracelet combine.

At anartxy the bracelet options are almost endless. It is a good idea to give or treat yourself to jewelry .

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