About precious stones

Sobre piedras preciosas

The use of precious stones is common in fine jewelry. Although we traditionally think only of diamonds, there are other stones of great value and beauty that stand out for their rarity and beautiful colors.

These are the most expensive gemstones in the world:


It is a very rare mineral that has been sold very occasionally since 2000. It is an extremely expensive stone because at the moment there is only one deposit.


It is a stone that can come in various colors, but the most common are green, purple and blue. Purple is the most appreciated. It is extracted from Tanzania, Greenland, Australia and Antarctica.


It is a stone that can vary from pale pink to lavender. It can be extracted from southern Tanzania or Sri Lanka.


It became famous for its ability to change color. In natural light it looks between green and blue, but in artificial light it appears pink, red and sometimes purple.


It has a color between green, yellow and blue. It is one of the most expensive minerals, with only two dozen in the world.


It is one of the most famous stones in jewelry. Its color is deep blue. Mines can be found in the US, Thailand, Australia, Burma, China and Madagascar.

There is a rare orange-pink sapphire that is highly valued and difficult to find and is usually created artificially, it is called Padparadscha.


It is one of the most popular stones, due to its intense and bright red color. It can be found on all continents except Antarctica. The most valuable are those from Asia, especially the so-called “pigeon blood”.


They are very striking stones, bright green. Colombia is its main producer. Are very expensive.


It is the most desirable stone and one of the most expensive. Every year the number of jewelry made with these stones increases. Its brilliance highlights the beauty of the wearer like no other stone.

Red diamond

It is the most expensive stone in the world. Very few samples and very few carats have been found. It originates from the Australian Argyle mine. The price per carat exceeds one million dollars

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