15 curiosities about jewelry

15 curiosidades sobre joyas

1. Actress Elizabeth Taylor has gone down in history not only for being one of the great divas of Hollywood, but also for being the owner of one of the largest and most important jewelry collections in the world.

2. In the year 803, a law was extended that prohibited the sale of jewelry after sunset , to prevent customers from being deceived by taking advantage of the lack of light.

3. The wedding ring very slowly replaced other old practices, such as tying a knot between the bride and groom or splitting a gold or silver coin, with the woman keeping one half and the man with the other.

4. “Pure gold leaf” is sometimes used as an edible decoration for cakes or drinks and as a cosmetic treatment.


5. In Jacob's translation of the Bible , there are more than 1,700 references to gems and precious stones.

6. In Australia it was discovered in the largest black opal, which they called Halley's Comet .

7. The Cullinan diamond is the largest and was found in 1905 by Frederick Wells in South Africa. It weighed half a kilo. The stone was divided into 9 parts to make the most of its qualities. The largest part weighs 520 carats and is part of the British Crown Jewels.


8. In ancient Rome , hairstyle and hair jewelry were an exponent of social position; the more complicated or striking it was, it indicated a higher social level.

9. The latest fashion is to implant jewelry in your eyes . Dr. Emil Chynn of Manhattan uses a laser to make a small cut in the eye and place the piece.

10. The custom of wearing earrings comes from the ancient Egyptians, who used them as protection against evil spirits who they thought could enter their body through holes such as their ears.

11. In a hotel in Abu Dhabi they placed the most expensive Christmas tree in the world , valued at 8 million euros. With a height of 13 meters, 181 gems hung from it, including diamonds, pearls, emeralds and sapphires.




12. South Africa contains 50% of the world's gold reserves .

13. Jewelry from 5,000 years ago has been found made from the remains of meteorites .

14. The only two gemstones of animal origin are coral and pearl .

15. The beauty and life of a pearl is estimated at about 200 years , although there are pearl jewelry from several previous centuries that is in perfect condition.


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