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Hablando de collares

Depending on the length of the necklace , they can be divided into the following categories:

  • NECKLACE – 30 cm: It goes very close to the neck and two or more threads are usually used for this necklace.
  • CHOCKER – 40 cm: This fits very close to the base of the neck and looks good with most necklines, even with shirts. It is the ideal length to give a touch of elegance when dressing.
  • PRINCESS – 50 cm: is the most common length for pearl necklaces, it is best suited for round and high necks.
  • MATINEE – 60 cm: This necklace is an ideal choice to accompany professional looks with a sweater and jacket, adding confidence to the style. It is also very suitable for long summer dresses.
  • OPERA – 80 cm: Traditionally, this necklace has been used for evening and gala outfits, currently giving way to more casual and informal uses, providing freshness to any style.
  • ROPE – 100 cm or more: This extraordinary length manages to convey elegance and sensuality. The necklace allows you to make several turns, and is commonly used to create Choker tips, double Princesses, or multi-bracelets.

collares 3

And to know which necklace best suits us according to our physiognomy, we must take these variables into account:

1. Beaded and voluminous necklaces accentuate the size of the wearer. On the contrary, flat and non-relief necklaces are the best option for larger women.

2. If we have an elongated face we should avoid long necklaces, as they will highlight our features more. It is best to wear one close to your neck.

3. If we have a round face it is better to use long, V-shaped necklaces.

4. If the neck is long we will avoid long necklaces, and if it is wide we should forget about chokers.

5. If we have a very voluminous chest we should use long, V-shaped necklaces, but if the chest is small we will use medium-length necklaces that reach the height of the chest to provide more volume to it.

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