The ring, a symbol of commitment

El anillo, un símbolo de compromiso

This is the ring that a man gives to his beloved when he proposes marriage. If she accepts, she must keep her promise to marry him. It is an act that symbolizes the promise of uniting their lives forever.

The custom of giving the engagement ring arose among the men of ancient Rome, who secured their marriage contract with a ring-shaped piece of iron that the woman kept until marriage.

It is a symbol of eternal love , representing in the ring what has neither beginning nor end.


It is said that the ring should go specifically on the ring finger because a vein emerges from this finger that goes directly to the heart, which makes it even more romantic.

The engagement ring should not be valued by the weight, size, or quality of the piece , but rather by the promise of love it means.

Today there are countless types of rings made in different materials, shapes and styles. To choose the right one you just have to try to fit the personality of the woman who receives it.


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