Earrings and hairstyle

Pendientes y peinado

It is interesting to know which earrings to wear with each hairstyle . The right earrings can enhance even the simplest outfit and accentuate the beauty of the wearer.

1. Loose Hair

Long hair is favored by all types of earrings. The best thing is to combine it according to the clothes and the style you are wearing. Hoops always look good.


If you wear the typical long hair, you must take into account that the earring does not exceed its length.

Wearing your hair short , straight and close to your head is not the same as wearing it with bangs, curly or blunt. In the latter case, long earrings look good, but if the hair is worn straight and very short, what is most flattering is a small, thin earring.


2. Picked up

The ways to wear your hair up are almost endless. You can wear your hair very tight, casual or natural, with a ponytail, bun or braid and wear it very high or low.

For a high updo or one that leaves the face very clear, the perfect thing is to wear long, flowing earrings. They can be worn with glitter or colored stones.

If, on the other hand, you opt for an informal updo with some loose strands , it is best to wear a short earring close enough to your earlobe. Ideally, it should have some shine to brighten the complexion.


3. Semi collected

If the hairstyle is simple , you can wear long or even very ornate earrings. Any color or material is accepted.

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