Ear Jackets, the most “in”

Ear Jackets, lo más “in”

The Ear Jackets have tried to reinvent the classic earring . These close in front of the lobe and hang below it at the back. This system adds a very cool touch to the looks.

The designs are unlimited, they can be rounded, pointed, with stones, with pearls, large, small, long, short, transgressive, geometric, romantic, seventies... In addition, they are super versatile decorative pieces because you can combine different models and have many combinations.

The most “in” thing is to use only one as an independent earring or wear an Ear Jacket in each ear.

Almost no celebrities have been able to resist the simplicity of the idea and the originality of the design, and they can already be seen on red carpets, parties and catwalks. It is one of the most desired accessories.

If you like to follow fashion trends, don't hesitate, choose some Ear Jackets. At anartxy there are many to choose from.

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