The ideal ring

El anillo ideal

It is a piece that should never be missing in your jewelry box and can say a lot about your personality . Although you should always follow your own criteria when choosing them, we give you some tips to know what type yours is:

  • For thin fingers , wide rings with large stones are perfect as they help the fingers appear thicker. Delicate rings are lost on a hand with very thin fingers.
  • Short fingers need rings with narrow and very simple designs. Forget about wearing a ring on your little finger because it feels like an even shorter finger.
  • If your fingers are long you are in luck. You can wear any type of ring, they will all look good on you. Pearls, stones or extravagant figures are perfect for you.
  • If you have thick fingers, opt for thin rings with delicate details. Asymmetrical ones with rectilinear shapes have their point in this type of hands.
  • For mature hands we recommend thick and sophisticated rings since they attract a lot of attention and that prevents you from noticing a hand with wrinkles or spots.
  • Simple, thin rings look great on young hands . The ideal is to combine several on the same finger.

  • You can wear a hoop style ring without being married, it goes with everything, just be careful not to put it on your left ring finger.
  • Avoid using colored stones with nail polishes in bright colors as it will oversaturate your look.
  • If you have very long nails, do not use large stones and much less elongated ones. Opt for simple and elegant rings.
  • The thumb can wear its own ring but always without stones.

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