Gold plating

Baño de oro Anartxy

Steel jewelry is much more affordable than jewelry made with other metals such as gold or silver, and it also requires little maintenance, lasting much longer over time. They are functional and reliable jewelry, designed for everyday use. They also have great resistance to corrosion and allow great adhesion to colors.

How do we get our pieces to have the characteristic golden color? Well, through gold plating , which consists of covering the piece with a thin layer of gold (which in anartxy is usually 18 carats) using chemical or electrochemical processes. This way you get the same finish as real gold, but in a much more affordable way.

How we take care of our plated jewelry is what will most influence how long it lasts in good condition. Contact with perfumes, creams, or any other chemical or cleaning product must be reduced as much as possible. This type of product can alter the color and reduce the gold layer and reveal the real color of the steel. The same thing happens with sweat and continuous rubbing with other pieces of jewelry or clothing, which can also make the bathing cape disappear over time.

In our post  'Maintenance of steel jewelry' , you can see how to care for them so that they are always shiny.

Although the most common plating is gold, you can also add a copper alloy to the plating to achieve the characteristic rose gold color or plating with rhodium for silver-plated pieces.

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