Spring, summer, autumn or winter: discover what type of woman you are

Primavera, verano, otoño o invierno: descubre que tipo de mujer eres

We already know that the true self is found inside us, but the appearance we show on the outside says a lot about us. The clothes we wear and the accessories are our letter of introduction . When you meet someone for the first time, you probably tend to notice how they are dressed or the general appearance they give off. Our perfume, makeup, jewelry or other accessories are, along with the way we dress, some of the parameters that define us.

Well, according to a personal image study, each of us belongs to one of these four groups: spring, summer, autumn or winter. Our physical characteristics bring us closer to some of the seasons of the year and allow us to know the perfect parameters to correctly choose the color of our clothes and accessories, not only anartxy bracelets or rings , but also their clothes, makeup...

Colorimetry is the key.

The spring woman

He has brown hair with reddish or golden highlights, with easily tanned skin and blue, green or light hazel eyes. It's spring Jennifer Aniston . Warm tones such as browns, golds, peaches and pastel yellows are perfect for them. Their ideal jewelry is gold with stones in turquoise or amethyst colors.

The summer woman

She is blonde, with very light and pink skin, she may have freckles on her face and blue or green eyes. They look very flattering under pastel tones, but they stand out noticeably with black. Silver jewelry suits them better than painted ones, as well as white or shiny stones. Yellow is its anti color and it is best to avoid it in all its shades. Gwyneth Paltrow is the champion of summer.

The autumn woman

He has brown or white skin but tans very easily. They are women with powerful features and dark eyes with hazel or chocolate brown hair. Eva Longoria is an autumn example. They find harmony in colors that enhance their tan as well as strong tones such as maroon, bottle green or powerful orange and yellow tones. Their perfect jewelry includes gold and amber or coral stones.

The winter woman

It is very white or black, but with a cold undertone (blue). Their hair is usually very dark. Megan Fox is a winter woman . Its basic colors are intense and bright ones such as white, black, electric blue, red or fuchsia. Colors to avoid are beige, orange, gold and brown. Silver and red stones are perfect for them.

What station are you?

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