Jewelry box 'bottom of closet'

Fondo de armario joyero

Having a good jewelry box is as important as having the best wardrobe. A few basic pieces of jewelry help to finalize any style and make it perfect. Jewelry dresses, it is an essential accessory that beautifies.

Today, jewelry should not be associated only with big occasions, since any moment and situation can be special to show off one or several pieces that transform a look or complement it. Basic jewelry , the ones every woman should have, are those that can save any situation and are never a passing trend.

– More or less simple hoops are essential, they are the most flattering earrings. They transmit freshness and youth although they can be worn at any age. Every season, hoops are a trend.


– Some sleepers , earrings attached to the earlobe, are also a basic that never goes out of style. They are very practical since we can even sleep with them.

– Many people pay attention to the hands and, therefore, they deserve a special touch that distinguishes them. A simple ring for everyday use is the best option, in the color you like the most. For more special occasions, an XL size ring with texture or stones is perfect, which can be worn alone or combined with the simple ring.

– A rigid and geometric bracelet is the perfect complement to adorn a woman's wrist, both for a casual situation and for a party.

– Necklaces are a classic. They enhance the neck and neckline, especially the short ones. If you want to stylize the rest of your figure, you should wear long necklaces .

– But, the most important thing is that the jewelry adapts to each person's personality and they feel comfortable with it.

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