Jewelry and skin tone

Las joyas y el tono de la piel

It's funny how jewelry doesn't look the same on everyone, it depends a lot on skin tone, hair color and the time of year. Knowing what type of skin you have is very important to choose the most flattering colors in jewelry .

To know if your skin has a cold or warm tone, there are a couple of tests that can be done. For example, look at the back of your wrist and see if the veins look blue or green. If they appear greenish, the skin is of a warm color, and if on the contrary they are of a bluish tone, the skin is of a cold tone.

You can also check it with two pieces of cardboard, handkerchiefs or any other piece of clothing, one pink and the other orange. With natural light and first placing one color close to the face and then the other, you can see which of the two illuminates the face more. If orange feels better, then the skin is warm type, and if pink feels better, then the skin is cold type.

If it is not possible to distinguish the color of the veins and the orange and pink colors combine equally well with the face, then the skin is considered to be a neutral tone , unusual and very lucky, as it means that almost everything suits it well. .

Now is the time to know which jewelry suits your skin tone best. Cold skin looks great with silver pieces and stones or accessories in blue, gray, violet, pink, brown-green, fuchsia or burgundy. On the other hand , gold ones are perfect for warm skin , as well as orange, red, copper, honey, coral, terracotta or leaf green.

Even taking these parameters into account, as long as the skin is tanned and especially in summer, the golden color is much more flattering . For blondes and very white women, silver and cold colors are better.

But the number one rule when choosing a piece of jewelry is that it pleases and makes you feel comfortable, regardless of skin tone.

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