The meaning of a ring depending on where it is worn

El significado de un anillo según dónde se lleve

Nowadays we are used to seeing rings on almost all the fingers of the hand, even several on each one, but until relatively recently, wearing a ring on one finger or another traditionally had a different meaning:

Ring finger

In the left hand it reflects creativity, but in the right hand it means that the person is very perfectionist.

Middle finger

If worn on the left hand it indicates a decisive and strong character. On the right, quite the opposite, an insecure character.


People who wear it on the left are strong, communicative and with the soul of a leader. Wearing it on the right pinky reflects patience.

Index finger

Great self-esteem for those who wear it on the left hand and a dominant character on the right.


The meaning is the same in both hands. They are very sentimental people.

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