Enamel Collection: enameled jewelry

Enamel Collection: joyas esmaltadas

Its properties are excellent as it is soft, resistant to mechanical or chemical attacks, durable, can maintain bright colors for a long time and is non-combustible.

Its durability has provided it with many functional and aesthetic applications. Since ancient Egyptian times it was used to protect and embellish works of ceramics and jewelry. And the ancient Greeks usually worked it on tiles, some of which are still preserved in the Palace of Minos in Knossos. The Persians, the Byzantines and the ancient Chinese civilization used enamel to decorate metal elements and pieces of jewelry. During the Middle Ages, enamel lived its true period of splendor, being used to give beauty and light to liturgical objects and reliquaries. At the beginning of the 20th century it was applied to advertising posters.


esmaltado egipcio


The art of enameling has evolved significantly thanks to current technology and today it has adapted to fashion and new trends of the moment , combining quality, design and modernity in areas such as interior decoration or jewelry.

At Anartxy we wanted to revive this ancient technique with the new Ceramic Enamel Collection, ENAMEL COLLECTION , which is especially designed for dynamic and urban women who need to accompany their daily looks with minimalist and quality pieces.

Style and design go hand in hand in this exclusive collection of geometric pieces rich in colors to accompany and make women unique in their daily lives.

Enamel Collection by anartxy

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