Interview on Radio Plaza 99.9

Entrevista en Radio Plaza 99.9

We leave you the complete transcript of the interview in Plaza Radio , about our company Anartxy, trajectory, present, future and how we understand jewelry fashion. We hope you like it!

Inma: At Anartxy they work with jewelry that makes you fall in love with its versatility. They are original and elegant pieces made of different noble materials. They turn them into fashionable and excellent quality jewelry to show off our own style and box office. At Anartxy they are committed to color and volume, including all women, to express and communicate who you are and who we are through their jewelry.

Anartxy is a clear example of design made in Spain based on touches of originality, quality and trend, with very Mediterranean notes of living. One of its highlights is the Slow Fashion essence, since Anartxy is based on the durability of its pieces due to its materials, noble qualities and the brand's strong commitment to the most sustainable essence.

Who can resist the universe. Anartxy We welcome your father and son CEOs, Damián López and Joaquín López.

Inma: We have them here with us, just as it is there.

Damian: How is he? Very good.

Joaquín: Hello, good evening.

Inma: I am delighted to have you here at the wedding window, to tell us how the Anartxy project came about, which is being a real revolution. Hey?

Damián: Well, let's see, we were involved in the market a little bit and we started in 2009 at a time of crisis. And well, I think that moments of crisis are always good for changes. We saw that the market needed a different product, that demanded something different from what we had been working on until now. And well, that's how we started with a small silver collection, at first with leather. Very homemade. At first it was a small collection with my wife, which was very successful and good. And from there it was, it grew and led to what we are today.

Inma: And does Anartxy's name have any kind of meaning?

Damián: Yes. As I said, we wanted to do something a little groundbreaking. We didn't want to limit ourselves to what was on the market. We wanted Anartxy to be a fashion brand. We didn't want a jewelry brand, or costume jewelry or fantasy, as the French normally interpret, but something that is related to the world of fashion. And we think not about not setting limits for ourselves. That's why Anartxy was like something anarchic, without breaking a bit with tradition. And on the other hand, we wanted to give a little nod to the city that welcomed us, which is Valencia. And then the Tex comes as a nod, let's say, to the Valencian.

Inma: How wonderful! Those two cultures that merge, the world of Argentina with the world here, of Valencia. And as we have said, Anartxy is based on high-trend, quality jewelry pieces, with a very original point as well. You, furthermore, represent the trend very well, right?

Damián: Yes. Let's see, as I told you before, the issue, especially the secret, I think is in that. I think that. Jewelry comes last. Let's say, to reinvent yourself on the subject of fashion. Before you went to a shoe store and bought shoes. Now you can buy all kinds of footwear and or a sneaker. Suddenly you can combine it with a. Even with a party dress. Know? Or it is common now to see a girl leaving a nightclub dressed in a miniskirt and sneakers and before it was unthinkable. Yes, yes, this is a little bit of what we want to bring to this world. It's exactly the same to reinvent the theme of jewelry a little and bring it to the world of fashion as it is to follow the trends a little, right?

Inma: And they are also very versatile jewelry, that is, they can be worn for any type of occasion. You also have different lines that also have event lines, lines that have that brown point, that more trendy point. That is, you work above all. And what I see very well is for many profiles, almost all women's profiles.

Damián: If what we interpret or what we always want to do is to cover all the moments of a single woman, in reality we look for inspiration, especially in a woman who is very active, very versatile, who likes to have a social life. We are not based so much on age, but we want to be inspired by a woman with personality above all things. That's why I tell you that it's not that we take into account so many profiles of women, but that we want to be in all of that woman's moments.

Inma: All the moments, all the stages it goes through. Not that that woman. Hey, what kind of materials do you work with?

Damián: Let's see, in principle we set the theme of color, as you also said in principle, pardon the redundancy, but then we use a lot of stones and we use resins in general noble materials not linked to the theme of jewelry. And now we give ourselves many concessions. Now, above all, we are basing ourselves on the topic of recycling materials, which is something that is very trendy and above all, it is closely related to the new model of life that we have. And well, as I told you, they can be textile materials or resins or until recent years we use some recycled and good plastic, and the reception has been very good, especially in the international market.

Inma: In the end, the creators or the people who are within these brands, that commitment or that sustainable, slow, fashion ethical awareness, it is very important to be able to work on the values, on the brand philosophy and on the products. And I believe that society is already fully integrated with this concept. In fact I think he demands it.

Damián: Yes, yes, yes. I believe that it is in demand in all sectors of the industry.

Inma: And what we also say, that your pieces are long-lasting, highly durable due to the quality of the materials and that too. Well, consumer, me too, of course I love your brand and I love jewelry. Well too. Hey, well, we like to have these pieces in our jewelry box that are jewels and that we can use for long periods of time.

Damián: If at the beginning, what I told you, we wanted to make a product that is accessible, that has a very high level of quality, I think we achieved it. In other words, the clients in general are very happy. And above all to cover moments where in the past it was unthinkable to wear costume jewelry or jewelry. Now you go to a pool or go to the beach and see people wearing jewelry. Above all, I think that after the pandemic where we didn't have space for parties and so on, it's like we gave ourselves that concession.

Inma: It's true, totally. Wherever you work, the part of the inspiration to be able to work on that trend.

Damián: Let's see the trends, as we said before, we take into account what is coming as a general trend in the world of fashion and above all it is the issue of observation. I believe that we are lucky to live in a space where it is full of light, where there is now the mixture, the color, the climate. There are many things that give you a little inspiration in your daily life. So I think that above all it is that, it is being observant, knowing whether to try to somehow capture what you see on a daily basis.

Inma: Hey, what have been the collections that you have worked with, that have been the most received by your audience, like those super top collections?

Damián: Let's see what I was telling you. Now the issue of recycling has a fundamental presence. So the visual impact, especially that we had now, Joaquín also came from doing a fair in London and we are already finishing. Tomorrow we will also start setting up the one in Milan and I think that in recent times people have been very impressed with the visual point that recycled materials give you, above all.

Inma: Yes, in the end it is fundamental and it is what we are seeing in the end in all types of fairs, jewelry, etc. We are seeing that ethical and more sustainable awareness.

Damian: Yes, yes. Furthermore, I believe that the issue of resins or materials that are different from metal, which is the most traditional, also gives you flexibility or an ability to do something different, which in the end is what people call laziness. attention. The theme of color or volumes, or figures that are different and are something more innovative and groundbreaking. Just what we were talking about before that identifies the brand a lot.

Joaquín: Yes, or fun. In other words, it is in the end daring a little to have something, as we said, something that gives you something different. Sometimes it can be very classic in your dress, in your wardrobe and then give that contribution of color or fun with the accessory.

Inma: I think that almost all women like that point of color and that super different point. I always say what woman doesn't like jewelry? It's very, very strange.

Joaquín: Very strange.

Inma: Well, tell us guys, where we can find you so that our listeners know, the stores we have here in Valencia and also, of course, digital platforms.

Joaquín: Well, we are currently present in more than a thousand multi-brand points of sale in Spain. Being our home is where we have the most presence, but then in Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, even now we are entering the Greek islands. It is also having a very good reception, we have a lot of presence and the product is well received, but at the level of our own channels. Well, you can find us on our website, which is . You can find everything there. And then on the main social networks Instagram, Facebook, YouTube you can find us very easily. So hey, anyone who's interested can find it. Too easy.

Joaquín: Well, on the other hand, we also have two points of sale for the brand in Valencia, one in the old part and another here in the center. And then we also have a point of sale in Zaragoza, also our own, and a second point that we will surely open by the end of March.

Inma: How good! Well, thank you very much for having been with us here at the fashion window, Damián López and Joaquín López for having shared this little time here on 99.9 Plaza Radio and making us participate in all your exponential evolution and all the work that goes into it, so touch and reach to success. Thanks a lot. It's a pleasure.

Damián and Joaquín: Well, thank you very much!

Thank you Inma for the opportunity! You can listen to the interview on Radio Plaza Valencia from here

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