It's time for Hoops

Es tiempo de pendientes de Aros

Hoop earrings are the oldest piece of jewelry , the ornament most used by women for more than 5,000 years. They have been there, highlighting feminine beauty in all civilizations.

They have always been in fashion or, to put it another way, they have never stopped being a trend. They are the fundamental basic of every jewelry box and cause a sensation among celebrities who choose earrings to enhance their looks very frequently.



They look good with everything (shirts, sweatshirts, low-cut dresses, high collars...) providing an extra bit of "divinism" to flat outfits. In any case, and after reviewing the catwalks and lookbooks of the big fashion brands, it is 100% confirmed that 2018 is the year of the hoops . Bright, matte, geometric, simple, baroque, minimalist, flat, with volume, colorful, large or small...Yes, you will wear them at all times.




Some recommendations to show them off:

  • The XL size maxi hoops look great with minimalist, discreet and monochrome outfits.
  • If the hoops are small, they can be combined with other earrings in the same ear (only if you have several piercings, of course).
  • Hoops can be worn with casual or sporty looks, but always small or medium in size.
  • For beach looks, it is great to wear earrings with a touch of color and your hair tied up in a casual bun.
  • Thick hoops are perfect for evenings as they provide a strong touch of sophistication.
  • The lighter and simpler you choose them, the more comfortable you will feel and you will last with them all day.
  • The details in diamonds or zircons are ideal to wear to special events and parties, leaving your hair in the wind and your shoulders exposed.

At anartxy we have a wide variety of earrings with exclusive designs that will make you feel unique.

Don't think twice and... go for them!

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