Necklaces for summer

Collares para el verano

In summer is when necklaces look best for a simple reason, we wear the lightest and most low-cut clothing and the skin is free of coats or clothes that hide this wonderful accessory. Furthermore, during the hot months we tend to be darker, even wearing creams with a pearly touch on our skin. Feminine beauty emerges in all its splendor and seems to cry out for accessories that combine with that optimism typical of good weather.

According to the latest trends of 2018, fine chain necklaces with small and delicate figures are the best option. The lightness of the designs and their symbolic minimalism are ideal to take wherever you go. They are perfect for giving a great touch to office looks in the city, but also very practical and comfortable on the beach or by the pool.

collares anartxy

The animal figures, the moons and stars, the hearts... are the “Charms” of the moment, the most “IN” . They are youthful, fresh pieces with simple but beautiful designs, great for breaking up less elaborate outfits.

Gold seems to be the color of 2018, although the trend is to layer several necklaces incorporating silver.

The Minimalist Figures collection by anartxy is inspired by the Mediterranean , the fauna of the sea and the freshness of the fruit, without leaving aside its starry night skies. A declaration of intentions.

Are you joining this trend that never goes out of style?

collares anartxy

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