Fashion Color Trend Report: summer colors 2019

Fashion Color Trend Report: los colores de verano 2019

The color palette that has been chosen for spring summer 2019 is a very powerful, daring and energetic proposal. There are a total of 12 fashionable colors and they are taken as a reference for your choice on the catwalks in New York and London.

It is a powerful proposal with vibrant tones full of vitality and joy that represent the desire to look to the future with confidence and positivity. Red and its variants along with yellow are undoubtedly the main protagonists of this color trend, although blue and neutral colors give us the opportunity to create combinations of ten.

If you want to follow fashion trends in terms of colors, take this wonderful palette into account. Do you want to meet her?

But if we analyze in detail, we realize that the color par excellence chosen for catwalk jewelry is gold. Gold in all its shades, from the brightest and most vital to the soft, almost desaturated gold, with an ice effect, one of the trends that await us next winter.

And this is because gold is the protagonist of 2019 , it combines perfectly with all colors, it brings light to the face and warmth to the looks. It is the most flattering tone and during the summer it is ideal for highlighting tanned skin and the natural highlights produced by the sun.

Don't hesitate and this summer opt for the Pantone palette in your outfits and complete the look with gold jewelry. You will dazzle wherever you go!

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