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Joyas en la maleta

For many, summer vacations have begun, some of you may have already returned to your routine, but for those of you who are still waiting to pack your bags and go on vacation, we give you 9 tips to avoid having problems with your summer jewelry:

  • Choose the jewelry you are going to wear. The less you carry the better. Mentally make a list of the looks you are going to wear during your vacation and choose only the jewelry that you will wear with them.
  • It is best to wear versatile jewelry that goes well with everything and some more striking or trendy jewelry to give a personal touch.
  • Remember that during trips it is easy to lose objects . That's why it's best to leave the most expensive jewelry or jewelry with the most sentimental value at home.
  • Photograph the jewelry you are going to wear with your cell phone , so when you pack your bags for your return you won't forget any of them. It is also used to choose what you want to wear without having to take them all out of their case.

  • Invest in a small jewelry box with compartments so your pieces don't rub against each other. If you don't have a jewelry box, you can wrap each piece in paper or thin fabric and then put them in a small cloth bag. You can write the name of your jewelry on the paper to quickly identify it without having to open the packages.
  • To prevent necklace or bracelet chains from tangling, you can insert them along a straw (the kind we use for drinking). Depending on the length of the pieces, you should cut the straws to the appropriate height.
  • Pill boxes are also great for organizing earrings and rings.
  • Always carry your jewelry in your hand luggage as it is less likely to get lost during travel.
  • And finally… feel beautiful and enjoy the holidays.

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