Today jewel premiere

Hoy estreno joya

For all those who like to change their look often, we suggest modular jewelry .
These are jewelry in which you can change some of the pieces , adjusting them to the style or color of your wardrobe or the attitude and inspiration with which you wake up every day.

It is not the first time that anartxy has opted for this type of pieces, and this time it does so in a collection consisting of a bracelet, pendant and earrings.

They are current designs made of anti-allergic surgical steel, in our fetish colors (gold, rose gold and silver) and with interchangeable zircons in 5 tones : white, red, blue, amber and green.

They are customizable and quality pieces , which allow, for a reasonable price, to expand the range of possible combinations.

They are beautiful and very flattering. What do you think?


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