Jewelry at the 2016 Golden Globes

Joyas en los Globos de Oro 2016

The first film and television awards were held just a few days ago. It is the first coming out of the year for actresses and celebrities, and as always, the dresses, hairstyles, accessories and jewelry shine as much as they do. As in any event of this nature, fashion and beauty trends are set for the entire year.

On the topic of jewelry, the 2016 Golden Globes offer us these conclusions:

  1. The earrings are the undisputed protagonists.
  2. The earrings are worn long and with movement or very discreet and close to the ear.
  3. Ear cuffs continue to be a trend.
  4. A more minimalist and refined style is sensed than on other occasions.
  5. Permanence of necklaces of diamonds or large colored stones.

Of course, all the pieces are wonderful and fill us with inspiration.




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