Maintenance of steel jewelry

Mantenimiento de las joyas de acero

Its maintenance is simple and cheap , since cleaning products are common in any home.

To keep steel jewelry in perfect condition, remove any traces of dust with a soft cloth.

With a little warm water and neutral soap, you can rub them gently until any adhered dirt is removed. It is necessary to repeat the operation but this time only with water to remove any trace of soap.

If the steel pieces have streaks, it is advisable to clean them following the direction of the streaks.

To remove dirt trapped in the crevices or gaps of stainless steel parts, you can gently scrub with an old toothbrush soaked in toothpaste.

Dry the cleaned pieces on a lint-free cotton cloth in a well-ventilated area.

limpieza acero copia

For a perfect finish , there are also special cloths for cleaning steel jewelry , which are for sale in jewelry stores or specialized stores.

Although it is very rare to find scratches on jewelry made of steel , it does not hurt to protect the pieces from friction and knocks . Therefore, to transport jewelry, it is recommended to place each piece in a plastic or cloth bag. Two pieces should never be put together in the same bag to avoid rubbing between them. Remember that the better you treat any of your jewelry pieces, the longer they will remain attractive, whether they are rings, necklaces , earrings or bracelets.

For storage , there are jewelry boxes that are divided into different sections so that each piece can have its own place. They can also be stored in the same bags used for transport, or in a jewelry box like the one we offer you at Anartxy.

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