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Snakes do not leave anyone indifferent, they are either hated or adored and that is why they have been an always present figure in the goldsmith's ornaments in ancient civilizations. In different cultures, the snake has represented the power of life and youth but also of temptation.

It is not a passing fad , snakes have always been there, in all kinds of jewelry and accessories, but it is now that they are flooding catwalks, red carpets and streetstyle. You will see many celebrities wearing them, as they are pieces that capture anyone's attention and hypnotize with their beauty.

Let yourself be seduced by pieces with the snake as the protagonist. Let them hug your skin, giving a wild and powerful air to your outfits. Discover all the new Snake products at and get one of them, you choose whether your snake will be gold or silver, we are sure that you will not be able to resist.

Stay wild!

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