Not without my Ear Cuff

No sin mis Ear Cuff

We already talked about them in the post Fashion earrings , but today we want to focus more on their history and trajectory, since they have become fashion pieces, setting trends. They are special, almost essential in any “jewelry closet fund.” Today we will talk about Ear Cuffs…

In ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures they were already considered special pieces. There were a variety of models, including those with clips on the top of the ear, on the lobe, and even some with chains that reached up to the nose.

During the 1930s, these types of earrings were the inspiration for many jewelers who made them fashionable in different versions, and they did not leave the spotlight during the following decades, highlighting the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Their return has been unexpected, since they were forgotten during the first years of this new 21st century, but they have returned stronger than ever, revolutionizing current jewelry with daring and sophisticated pieces that have both a punk and elven aura, the ear cuffs .

There is no self-respecting catwalk in which ear cuffs do not take center stage, whether they are small, large, opulent, simple, bright, colorful or transgressive.

If you still don't wear the earrings of the moment, don't wait any longer, at anartxy you will find spectacular pieces that will surely fit your personality.

An advice? They look better with hair up or short. If you wear your hair loose and long, put it behind your ear so that the ear cuff is visible.

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