New ICE collection

Nueva colección ICE

They are pieces that allow great adhesion to colors and are naturally very malleable. Copper is ideal for jewelry because you can create various finishing options, altering its visual and tactile appearance but without subtracting any of the properties.

One of them is the brushed finish , which offers an opaque shine and a pattern of lines, which can be seen with the naked eye and by touch. This type of texture is one of the trends for this fall-winter in jewelry. It gives the pieces a semi-matte appearance, very far from the type of jewelry we are used to. Subtle and attractive at the same time, its appearance is very similar to that of an ice rink marked by the blades of skates, and right now it is the most IN when it comes to jewelry.

So if you are one of those who likes to be up to date, if you are always behind the trends and if you consider yourself a “fashion victim”, you need to know the new ICE collection from anartxy .

You will be surprised by Ice's unique designs, which perfectly combine its 'icy' texture and its innovative, naturally inspired geometry . Organic shapes with a minimalist spirit that reinvent necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that, when in contact with the skin, accentuate your personality.


In silver gold, create your own style with Ice , one never seen before that will surely attract attention wherever you go.

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