Fall-winter 2019/20 trends

Tendencias otoño-invierno 2019/20

If you want to know the new trends in jewelry to complement your warm outfits, don't hesitate and keep reading:

Color and color : the diversity of colors is immense, we already mentioned it when we talked about the Fashion Color Trend Report , which the Pantone Institute marks every year. Pieces with bright and striking colors such as pink, purple, blue, green and orange knock on your door with the idea of ​​staying for a long time. Our Sunflowers collection is a clear example of how color is not at odds with elegance, sophistication and femininity.

Minimalism and maximalism: simple pieces with contemporary designs are the bomb of the season, they are perfect for adding an avant-garde touch to flat outfits, but maximalism is taking over shop windows again. Showy, large and extravagant pieces are super cool. And what better than a ring, or several, to express that maximalism and feel trendy.

Hoops: without a doubt they are the pieces that never go out of style, they always look great and combine with all types of looks. This year simple gold hoops are sweeping, you will see them in various shapes and sizes. But those with figures or charms hanging from them are also imposed. Ideal to highlight your personality and add meaning to your accessories.

Bracelets yes or yes: it doesn't matter if you wear long sleeves, a coat or gloves because bracelets or bangles have become other cutting-edge accessories. They are worn over clothing in gold or silver. Spectacular brushed steel bracelets.

Links: chains do not lose their power and you can see them not only in metal pieces but also made of other materials. Great to wear with a turtleneck or over thick sweaters.

Small earrings: those attached to the ears return again with a triumphant air emulating esoteric, astrological, animal or vegetable figures. You won't even take them off to sleep.

Do you dare to play with the new trend?

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