Go through the hoop!

¡Pasa por el aro!

But this summer 2016, hoops become an object of desire, displacing other styles of earrings since they flatter almost everyone, are versatile and enhance any look, whether serious, casual or party. They are super feminine and very sensual.

Its variants are infinite and its timelessness indisputable, you surely remember many celebrities wearing them for many years. Of course, hoops are reinvented every season, adapting to new trends.

aros anartxy

It is ideal to wear them with your hair blowing in the wind, which, far from covering these pieces, highlights them even more.

And since variety is the key, this year there is a lot to choose from: matte or very shiny hoops, small or large, thin or thick, minimalist or baroque... They are not antagonistic ideas, they all work with any outfit.

Enter the anartxy universe and explore the hoops of the season.

aros anartxy

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